• Image of Wolf Eyes, Shitmat & Guttersnipe

Cacophonous Sarcophagus presents possiby the silliest show this city has ever seen...
Wolf Eyes
(Michigan, Detroit)
[Third Man Records, Sub Pop, Hanson Records]

The "U$A's longest homemade primitive electronic poetry & vibes trio" return to Bristol after a three year absense.

"Born in the dead, dread-filled haunted hills of Michigan, Wolf Eyes are the rabid beasts of Trip Metal & have been plowing thru new tunnels of the underworld since 1997. Pure audio stunn, homemade post-nuclear terror & claustrophobic atmospheres -- the most shattered and confusing horrorvision since Bo Diddley dropped the duct taped warhead on all humans in 2024."
[Planet Mu (OFFICIAL), Ad Noiseam]

Shitmat is dead, long live Shitmat.
File under 'attention deficit disorder plunderphonic headfuckcore'.
No genre is sacred, no sample is safe.

FFO: DJ Hixxy, Merzbow, Faust, Blackout Crew

The U.K's finest arbiters of non-sensical phree avant-punk, manic alien noize, bizarro post no-wave and fukk'd skree jazz.

"Wispy goofball duo cranking out the gaudiest cartoon rock hysteria this side of an impending aneurysm, guitar/drums/electronics/dual vocals deployed in parallel asynchronicity to disrupt, disorient and induce a flaming wiggle the likes of which only the birds know."

Imagine black metal, but it's all fuckin' rainbows...

Tickets: £10 adv. M.O.T.D.